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Eco Suites


Eco Suites


The eco community

Adaptive™ creates eco suites and community space. We are a real estate technology system that transforms so the same physical space can be used for multiple purposes. Benefits include eco living space, luxury amenities, and private suites for technology infused lifestyles.


eco suites are right-sized with community access


luxury amenities include private kitchen, laundry, bath, bed, and work station


suites include automated walls and utilities to transform settings


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adaptive?

Adaptive™ has developed eco suites and communities. These include prefabricated modular buildings with the capability of accomplishing multiple needs within the same physical space. We have created a revolutionary stainless steel structure that fits together like building blocks and provides usable storage without compromising the structural integrity of the building. This newfound storage is utilized to create a smarter way to use space for all times of the day and reduce our footprint. 

With Adaptive™, an open floor can automatically transform into eco suites for myriad uses.

How does Adaptive compare with traditional space?

Adaptive™ provides more features in a smaller footprint than traditional space and results in significant environmental and economic savings. This translates into improved lifestyles and communities. Adaptive™ allows the user to transform each space to fit their needs when they need it. The difference is 24/7 space utilization through integrated technologies.

What is the area and use of an eco suite?

The eco suites are 14’ by 4’ with 10’ tall ceilings. The settings adapt to members needs without having to move from one room to another. 8 settings in 1 space.

  • Laundry room with washer/dryer
  • Bathroom including toilet, shower, and sink
  • Kitchen including freezer, refrigerator, microwave/convection oven, countertop, sink, pantry, silverware
  • Living room including reading chair, light and monitor
  • Bedroom including moving bed frame, quality mattress, sheets and bedding
  • Study to include a workstation with a desk, chair, monitor, and whiteboard
  • Conference room (can be combined with adjoining suites for even larger group spaces)
  • Open space for creative or collaborative needs

How is this possible?

Adaptive™ has over 25 issued patents on a variety of components from its stainless steel frame to the lifting technology that transforms the eco suite. The assembly of a multi-story building is completed with factory precision to allow repeatability. Completed suite modules arrive fully furnished for quick installation at the build site.

Can suites be reconfigured?

Yes, there are many configurations that can be achieved with Adaptive™. For example, an assisted living facility may use Adaptive to provide enhanced mobility and quality of life to it’s members with fewer personnel requirements. Or a university may use Adaptive to provide technology enabled dorm rooms and studies. Or a downtown can provide high density with a minimal footprint.

Can buildings be combined?

Yes, Adaptive™ buildings can be combined to create city blocks or even larger communities for higher density urban spaces. We anticipate that Adaptive™ tenants will also welcome a pedestrian-centric lifestyle or will utilize public transit and ride hailing services.

Are my personal items safe?

Yes, personal items may not be accessed by other guests or users. 

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Adaptive™ provides the eco suites with personal and community space. We are currently partnering with land owners, developers, and property managers to provide an affordable solution for guests with a revenue stream to our partners.

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