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Adaptive – space that changes

Adaptive – space that changes


Work here, live here, or both

Adaptive provides contemporary housing, office, and flex space for members. Rather than build single-use rooms, adaptive incorporates technology to make better use of the same footprint. Benefits include lower costs, lower carbon footprint, and smarter lifestyles.


Noise cancelling roll down walls


Floor storage lifts bed and desks


Private restroom and utilities


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adaptive?

Adaptive buildings include up to150private suites split between five levels. The walls and floors and utilities move and adapt to the membersneeds- creating a smarter way to use space for both daytime and evening uses.

How does Adaptive compare with traditional space costs?

Adaptive costs less than comparably equipped hotels, apartments, offices, or homes. Members will pay a weekly rate of $200-$300 per daytime suite that can fit 2-3 individuals, and $150-$200 per evening suite for one, Pricing depends on city and location.

What is the area of a suite?

The smallest suites are 14’ by 8’ with 10’ tall ceilings. The scenes adapt to members needs without having to move from one room to another.

  • Laundry room with washer/dryer
  • Bathroom including toilet, shower, and sink
  • Kitchen including freezer, refrigerator, range burner, microwave oven, countertop, sink, pantry, silverware
  • Living room including reading chair, light and monitor
  • Bedroom including reclining bed frame, memory foam mattress, sheets and bedding
  • Suites can be combined or enlarged at will to accommodate different needs.
  • Study to include a workstation with a desk, chair, monitor, and whiteboard
  • Plenty of natural light (with ability to turn off during the day if desired, and LED lights
  • Comfort wall with temperature control
  • Heating and cooling

How is this possible?

Adaptive has over 50 patents starting with the stainless steel box frame, noise cancelling walls, moving floor storage, and smart space. Manufacturing and assembly are completed with auto manufacturing precision and efficiencies. Completed modules are trucked fully furnished.

Can rooms be combined for families? Or friends such as with student housing?

Yes, myriad configurations are possible and can be changed throughout the day to adapt to changing needs. For example, a couple may choose to have two suites adjacent to each other and turn it into a double suite. And other family members or friends may be in adjacent suites with larger combined spaces for large living rooms, social rooms for gatherings, etc.

Can modules be combined into a city block or community?

Yes, Adaptive units can be combined to create city blocks or even larger communities for high density healthy and urban living with generous green space. We predict that Adaptive members will also welcome a pedestrian-centric lifestyle or will rely on public transit or ride hailing services. 

How does Adaptive work?

Show up with a suitcase or backpack and live your life. Stay as long as you wish. No long term commitments. Pay for what you use.

Can I move if I change my mind?

Yes. No long term commitments necessary.

What else do I need to bring to my space?

Adaptive suites should provide everything needed. Bring a green thumb if you enjoy gardening at the rooftop garden.

What if my needs change?

Adaptive is flexible to fit your life. Whether that means adding a room. Or an unexpected need to move. Adaptive is flexible. And you are never tied to a long term commitment.

Are my personal items safe?

Great concern is taken regarding personal safety and security of personal items. These are safe. And are also covered by insurance which is included in the subscription.

What kind of coverage does Adaptive offer?

Insurance coverage is similar to what you would find in a homeowners or renters insurance policy.

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Careers with Adaptive

Adaptive changes the way people pay for space and provides contemporary housing, office, and flex space for members. It gives members the freedom to live and work the way they want for as long as they want. Adaptive is headquartered in Provo, Utah in an Opportunity Zone near a major University.

Our name pretty much says it all and we have had to adapt and learn from various disciplines. This includes R&D, auto manufacturing, technology integration, engineering, software development, real estate management, and financial services. Please email us at for partnership or career opportunities.


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