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Adaptive – space that changes

Adaptive – space that changes


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Adaptive provides suites that transform so the same physical space can be used for multiple purposes. Benefits include lower overall costs, lower carbon footprint, and smarter lifestyles.


Noise cancelling glass walls (transparent and opaque)


Unique storage lifts bed and work stations


Private kitchen and restroom and storage


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adaptive?

Adaptive provides innovation centers which include multi-use spaces with up to 120 private suites split between five levels. Noise cancelling glass walls (opaque and transparent) and automated storage adapt to members needs- creating a smarter way to use space for all times of the day.

How does Adaptive compare with traditional space?

Adaptive provides more features in a smaller footprint than traditional products. For example, a campus innovation center provides dorm rooms with private kitchens and bathrooms and beds and study areas within the same footprint. Adaptive suites come fully furnished for 24/7 use. 

What is the area and use of a suite?

The smallest suites are 14’ by 8’ with 10’ tall ceilings. The settings adapt to members needs without having to move from one room to another. 8 settings in 1 space.

  • Laundry room with washer/dryer
  • Bathroom including toilet, shower, and sink
  • Kitchen including freezer, refrigerator, range burner, microwave oven, countertop, sink, pantry, silverware
  • Living room including reading chair, light and monitor
  • Bedroom including bed frame, quality mattress, sheets and bedding
  • Study to include a workstation with a desk, chair, monitor, and whiteboard
  • Conference room (can be combined with adjoining suites for even larger group spaces)
  • Open space for creative or collaborative needs

How is this possible?

Adaptive has over 25 issued patents on its stainless steel frame and moving technologies.  Assembly is done with automobile precision and efficiencies. Completed modules are trucked fully furnished for quick installation.

Can rooms be combined for larger space needs?

Yes, myriad configurations are possible and can be changed throughout the day to adapt to changing needs. For example, a couple may choose to have two suites adjacent to each other and turn it into a double suite. Or a conference can take several suites to accommodate a larger audience.

Can buildings be combined?

Yes, Adaptive buildings can be combined to create city blocks or even larger communities for high density healthy and urban living with generous green space. We anticipate that Adaptive members will also welcome a pedestrian-centric lifestyle or will utilize public transit or ride hailing services.

Are my personal items safe?

Great concern is taken regarding personal safety and security of personal items. These are safe with private lockers.

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Adaptive changes the way people use space and provides innovation centers for campuses and communities. It gives members the freedom to study, live and work the way they want for as long as they want. Adaptive is headquartered in Provo, Utah in an Opportunity Zone near a major University.

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